Facelift Surgery


A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy (removing of wrinkles by surgery), is a facial cosmetic surgery procedure that removes the excess or loose facial skin and gives the face a younger look. Under this surgical method, the loose facial skin is removed with/without the tightening of tissues and then redraping of skin is done on patient’s neck and face. Usually the patients requiring this surgery are older and in their 50’s and 60’s.

Under the facelift surgery, an incision is done on the patient’s face from the front of the ear to the hairline region. After this, the skin is detached from the deeper tissues with scissors or scalpel (also known as undermining) on the neck and cheeks. Then the facial skin is tightened with the sutures. The particular amount of extra skin that needs to be removed depends upon the decision of the cosmetic surgeon and also on his skill and experience. After this, the skin incisions are closed with staples and sutures. Typical recovery period for this surgery is 2-3 weeks.

wave   Anesthesia                General

Clock   Operation Time       2-3 hours

Moon   In-Clinic Recovery   24 hours

Clipboard   Post-Op Schedule    Stitches are removed in 9-10 days. Bruises and hypostases pass within 2 weeks.

calendar   Full Recovery        in 2-4 months, the maximum effect in 6 months

Cost   Cost                           from 4000€

Rhinoplasty   (Nose Surgery)


Rhinoplasty, or nose correction surgery, is a facial cosmetic surgery method used to enhance, correct or reconstruct the appearance of nose. The patients can be of any age group and this surgery serves many purposes. People not only choose this procedure for enhancement reasons, but sometimes patients suffering from nasal trauma, respiratory problems, congenital defect and past unsuccessful rhinoplasty also have to undertake this surgery.

There are two types of rhinoplasty – open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Under this surgical method, the cosmetic surgeon separates the soft tissues and nasal skin from the osseocartilagenous part of the nasal framework then reshapes the nose as required. After this, the surgeon sutures the incisions and then finally applies the internal/external stent and tape to support and immobilize the nose in order to facilitate the process of healing. Sometimes the surgeon uses a bone graft or an autologous cartilage graft to strengthen or alter the nasal contours. In normal cases, the recovery period from rhinoplasty is usually 1-2 weeks but it takes longer for final results to start appearing.

wave   Anesthesia                general, perfusion + local

Clock   Operation Time       from 30 minutes to 2,5 hours

Moon   In-Clinic Recovery   12-24 hours

Clipboard   Post-Op Schedule    Bandage (plastic, tampons) carrying for 3-5 days.

calendar   Full Recovery          in 2-4 months

Cost   Cost                           from 3950€

(Eyelid Surgery)


Blepharoplasty, better known as eyelid surgery, is a facial cosmetic surgery method used for the modification of one or both eyelids. Excess tissue or loose skin is either repositioned or removed, with the surrounding tendons and muscles reinforced. This surgery can be both a cosmetic and functional surgery.

Usually, this surgery is performed to correct the ptosis (better known as sagging eyelids), or to remove the hanging skin and fatty bulges from the eyelids. Normally this problem is found in patients belonging to older age groups, so generally they undertake this facial cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Apart from these reasons, sometimes this surgery is needed to improve peripheral vision.

Under blepharoplasty, external incisions are made along the lines of the eyelids, such as along the creases of the upper eyelids and below the eyelashes of the lower eyelids. Also, the incision below the eyelid does not have a visible scar. The surgery takes about to 1-3 hours and recovery period of this surgery is usually 1-2 weeks. But the final result may take several months to become stable. Learn More

wave   Anesthesia                local or intravenous

Clock   Operation Time      1.5 – 2 hours

Moon   In-Clinic Recovery   operation is carried out in out-patient conditions, i.e. right after the operation the patient can leave a hospital.

Clipboard   Post-Op Schedule    No painful sensations. Stitches are removed on the 4th day. Bruises and hypostases pass in 7-10 day.

calendar   Full Recovery           in 2 months

Cost   Cost                           from 950€

Brow Lift
(Forehead Lift)


Brow lift / forehead lift surgery is a facial cosmetic surgery method which is used for reducing the creases or frown lines either on the forehead or nose bridge, as well elevating drooping eyebrows. This surgery is mainly done to achieve a more youthful look, so the patients requesting this kind of surgery typically range from 40 to 60 years old and up.

Under brow lift surgery, the excess skin or sagging muscle is removed from the eyebrow region. For a simple brow lift surgery, the incision is done within the eyebrow; while during a mid-forehead lift the incisions are done within the forehead wrinkles to hide the scars after healing. Another technique is called a coronal forehead lift. For this procedure, an ear to ear incision is made to elevate the entire brow and forehead. Finally for an endoscopic lift, a surgical telescope is used and incisions are done behind the hairline. The incisions are closed with sutures, clips, tapes and skin adhesives. The recovery period for wounds is around 5-10 days and final results may take several months to appear.

wave   Anesthesia                General

Clock   Operation Time       2-3 hours

Moon   In-Clinic Recovery   24 hours

Clipboard   Post-Op Schedule    Stitches are removed in 9-10 days.

calendar   Full Recovery        2-4 months, the maximum effect in 6 months

Cost   Cost                           from 800€

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